We'll post projects by Buffetlibre DJ's any time. This, being a little later than we'd like, but we're working back up to speed. There are 3 tracks which have slowly started circulating in blog world, plus a bonus one that the lovely lads sent us directly. Get it!

Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to put your clocks back. 1st January is the release date of Rewind Part 2, the 70's, 80's & 90's cover project by Buffetlibre DJ's.

In Rewind Part 1, released past 1st July, Buffetlibre Dj's were joined by 60 bands and producers, as Dragonette, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Electric Soft Parade, The Cloud Room, Frankmusik, Anoraak, RAC, Xinobi, and Moulinex. This time, more than 100 artists are recording new 70's, 80's & 90's covers to be part of Rewind Part 2

Artists participating in Rewind Part 2: Au Revoir Simone, Bonde Do Role, Amiina, 1990s, Headlights, Little Boots, Whitey, Starfucker, Sidechains, Delorean, Boy 8-Bit, The Shoes, Electric Youth, 80Kidz, The Requesters, The Young Punx, Malente, AC Slater, Sohodolls, Sportsday Megaphone, The Ruby Suns, Miami Horror, Revolte, Robbers On High Street, Mendetz, Facteur, Justin Faust, Russ Chimes, Aleks And The Drummer, CFCF, The Glass, Codebreaker, Mojib, DVAS, Project Jenny Project Jan, Love Motel, Pin Me Down, Minitel Rose, Heads We Dance, Little Pictures, Redial, We Have Band, Division Kent, Man Like Me, Cobra Dukes, Division Day, Grafton Primary, Tender Forever, Ultraviolet, Freezepop, Giko, Electric Valentine, Super Mal, LAZRtag, Parker Lewis, Kah, 1984, Plugs, We Were The States, Absent F, Damn Arms, Sound Of Arrows, The Old Believers, Beau Jennings, Josh & Anand, Saar & Sky, Bikini, Americans In France, Millioners, Elias & The Wizzkids, Deltawave, Phantom's Revenge, Matt Keating, FLOU; CatComplex, Setting Sun, Diamond Cut, Youth Attack, Nightwaves, The Amplid, Hidrogenesse, Charlie ASH, The Model, Fight Bite, Canadians & Cherielynn Westrich, The Mocks, Computer Club, Schnitzer, Calling In Sick, Bling Crosby, Dolby Anol, La Chansons, Chin Chin, Gun'n Rose, The E.L.F., Evarial, Black Holes, Baron Von Luxxury, Club 84, Rory Philips, The Picture, The Very Best, TMX, Maethelvin, Jools MF, p e a c e FIRE

This second part of the Rewind project will be released on 1st January and will be available for free download in mp3 format.

We attach you direct mp3 links to 3 new premieres of Rewind Part 2.

mp3: Rock Steady Crew - Hey You (Justin Faust remix)
mp3: Robin Gibb - Juliet (CatComplex remix)
mp3: Canadians feat Cherielynn Westrich - Neverending Story

And here's the bonus track from Proyecto Batidora, for being good soldiers and making it through another long post.

mp3: Does It Offend You, Yeah - Dawn Of The Dead (Station X remix)