It's safe to say I fell in love last night. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour played their second NYC gig at the Studio in Webster Hall last night. The weather was horribly bitter, but little did I know I'd leave with a huge smile on my face and a new act to obsess over.

Formed less than a year ago, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is heading for fame at a speed even they didn’t expect. The band, led by Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg, has barely begun to share their music with anyone outside of their hometown of Copenhagen, and yet their first UK single, The Sun Ain't Shining No More, is already tickling the ears of delighted radio programmers across the pond.

Although Mette and Lars are the core of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, the band grows to a six-piece live, including trumpet and sax players, clavinet sounds, a drummer and a guitarist.

Their song Around the Bend is currently being featured in ads for the new iPod Touch.

Photo credit: Faith Ann Young (more pics here)

Visit The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's site here, join their mailing list and get the free download listed below. Then go buy the Around the Bend EP here. Best $3.96 you'll spend all year. Guaranteed.

mp3: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Sun Aint Shining No More (live)

Special thanks to Sarah and Chris for hooking it up...and to Anthony too!