DJ Paul V's mixes, mashes and musicalities are a staple of our playlist. It's just science. So when we got this mix early this AM, there was really no doubt as to whether or not we'd post it.

Oh, and the underlying [read=vote or die] message is just as noteworthy. Read on for what DJ Paul V has to say about this super mix.

It's been said Mr. Obama is a man of inspiration (very true!) And he has truly inspired me to get working on this mix. It's a bit of electro, some hip hop, some pop, and good vibes. This mix just aired on my radio show this Saturday night, too.

With the mix, I tried to stick to the theme of change, hope, and unity - with most tracks using Obama's own words from his many powerful speeches.

However (because I hope Sarah Palin scares the hell outta you, too), I couldn't resist using John Brown's Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Some Pipe) - featuring Miss Idiot Hockey Mom (TM) herself. Like the old saying goes: You can dress a pig in lipstick & $150,000 worth of clothes - but it's still a pig

Here's the track list.

Obama vs. Ratatat - Obamatat (We Can Not Walk Alone) (Justin Lowe mash)
Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - AerObama
DJ Z-Trip - Obama Outake 1 (snippet)
The Alan Cohen Experience - Obama
MC Yogi - Vote For Hope
The Hush Sound - We Believe In (Barack Obama)
Jay-Z - Lick A Shot For Obama
John Brown - Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Some Pipe)
DLake - I'ma Vote Obama Way (Tisa remix)
The Crystal Method - Now Is The Time (Vote '08 remix)
Kennedy - Who's Votin' Obama?
DJ Z-Trip - Yes We Can (Obama Outake 1)

Stream the dream below, or if it behooves you (and it should), g'wan'and'git'it in a tidy little 30 minute epic downloadable mix.

mp3: DJ Paul V - Obama Megamix