If you don't love Halloween, then I simply have no idea what rare disorder befalls you. I completely dig it. I mean, there are certain portions of the holiday that I hate, namely popcorn balls (ick!) and candy corn (gaggers!). I know, I know, those are like 2 main staples of the event, but they make me ill. This post, however, does not.

Here's a couple short thematic lists to get your Halloween party started on the right note.

The "What Treats are in Your Pillow Case?" List
mp3: Annie - Chewing Gum
mp3: Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

mp3: The White Stripes - Little Cream Soda

The "I Was Gonna Dress as Sarah Palin, but that Porn Star Already Nailed It" List*
mp3: The Fugees - The Mask
mp3: Ghostface Killah - Ghost Is Back
mp3: Glass Candy - Last Nite I Met a Costume

The "First Time I Saw Thriller, I Was 5...and I Peed My Pants" List
mp3: Ladytron - I'm Not Scared
mp3: TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me

mp3: Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson - Scream

The "Creepy Titled Songs I Really Just Wanted to Have an Excuse to Post" List
Cream - Strange Brew
mp3: Poni Hoax - LA Murder Motel
mp3: The Presets - Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

* ooh our pun game is on point this morning! "porn star" and "nailed" in the same sentence. you may commence admiration now.