And that's totally a good thing.

Exaltron blew my mind when I first popped it on. A product enriched with the philosophy "I remix myself onstage and it feels good", is exactly the kind of organic fuel to fire anyone's otherwise drab music tastes.

The arrangements roam, the lyrics stray, the instruments are all over the place, and frankly, we can't get enough of it. It's this sort of melding of musicalities that makes us excited about the future of music.

Here's what Exaltron has to say:
Best described as omnivorous electro-funk, my music involves shoving way too many musical influences and instruments into a very small pot and scorching it all on stage with various hardware and software tools. Trumpet, guitar, vocals, beatbox, synthesizers and percussion are all used and abused in various ways.

You know what I say? Keep on using and abusing those tools, and we'll keep on listening.

Check out Exaltron's 5x5 (Electroskankified Remix) below.

mp3: Exaltron - 5x5 (Electroskankified Remix)