How do you like your blades done? Rare? Extra crispy? Gay?

The Gay Blades are a tidy outfit dipping their toes into the genre pools of death metal, indie, pop and electro. On more than one (or seven) occasions, I have seen reviews of their performances where the like of Queen, Bowie and the Sweet were immediately proceeded by "they evoke the spirit of/sounds like..." Basically, that's like a ménage à trois sent from heaven come to take me away.

Two nights ago, they played the Knitting Factory, which I found out about yesterday, so little good that did me. At least I have their digital goodness to tide me over.

The remixes will make murderously sweet love to you, while the track Y Can't I Gro a Beard is your post-coital Parliament.

mp3: The Gay Blades - Y Can't I Gro a Beard
mp3: The Gay Blades - Oh Shot (Person Remix)
mp3: The Gay Blades - CCK2008 Matt Haik Remix