Long overdue is Missy Elliott's new album Block Party. Thanks in part due to the intense viral marketing promotion scheme of Step it Up 2, we've been granted ear access to Ching-a-Ling and Shake Your Pom-Pom. Both are sufficient enough tracks.

Looking back, Miss Demeanor has usually taken heat for attempting to sing on her songs rather than sticking to what she knows. Me, for one, (and maybe the only one) actually enjoy her casually laidback slurs of crooning. (You'll be hard pressed to find someone else who considers Teary Eyed one of her finer works, but yeah, there, I said it. It's got a chunky sick beat/bass to boot.)

Bringing us to her new track, Best, Best. We find Elliott singing here, and it's not all that bad. Frankly, the Renaissancical tune of the keys that usher in the track immediately got me hooked. It's produced by Danja, who most recently has scored success with poplets wanting a more hip-hop feel.

Nothing will ever come close to the grandeur that is 4 My People, but you can only write so many songs about dropping X and OJ at the club before you need a disco nap.

The 2 melodic Missy masterpieces are below. As well as the best cover/version of One Minute Man that you probably never heard, but should make a point to listen to daily and tell all your friends about. (would love to hear your thoughts on the cover here)

Block Party is the seventh studio album by Elliott, scheduled to be released on August 26, 2008.

mp3: Missy Elliott - Best, Best
mp3: Missy Elliott - Teary Eyed
mp3: Kate, Matt, Ben & Sarah - One Minute Man (Missy Elliott cover)