I'm listening to Cof Cof while I cough cough. Been a little under the weather.

But that isn't stopping me from wanting to spread some love. This afternoon is the first I've come across Cof Cof. (thanks Jane)

I only wish I could've come across it sooner, thereby letting you all expererience the sheer awesomeness that is this duo from Spain. There's probably not a bad word I could say about this team.

One part slightly Peaches, another part slightly Ladytron. A little bit of Le Tigre. A little bit of disco repetition. Minimalist vocals, 8-bit blips and bloops. These are all things I love. Like really fucking love. And I try my best not to be so cursefilled here, but it warrants it. Thats's how much I'm digging the track Dirty Tricks.

Many of their songs are available for free on their myspace, but I thought I'd hit you up with this anyways.

What say you?

Best news of all? They have 4 dates scheduled in NYC in August. I am so full of joy right now.

Aug 20
Lit Lounge

Aug 22

Aug 23
Crash Mansion

Aug 24
The Annex

mp3: Cof Cof - Dirty Tricks