You Give Me Fever

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Posting will resume at a regular pace next week.

Being stricken with a nearly 105 degree fever and upper respiratory infection has limited me to bed rest and massive amounts of fluids / medicine.

New Year's Eve and the birthday party are both cancelled in the Beaston house.


The Merriest and Happiest

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To all of you and yours, warmest wishes for a splendid Christmas, wonderful Hannukah, and magical holiday season.

Please consider the above monstrosity my Christmas card to each and every one of you.

Back on Friday.

/worst Photoshop ever?


...I'll admit that I'm digging Toni Braxton's new song, Get Loose.

WOW. That is all.

Stream this old filly's bumper now.

And treat yourself to a remix of her heat from the 90's. Cool beans!

mp3: Toni Braxton - He Wasnt Man Enough For Me (Peter Rauhofer NYC Mix)


Introducing...Melanie Fiona

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Hot off touring with Kanye West, newcomer Melanie Fiona is ready to set the mood with her mix of sultry and soulful R&B.

Born to Guyanese parents, with a mix of black, Indian and Portuguese, and raised in the diverse and multicultural city of Toronto, Melanie Fiona is laying the groundwork for a big 2009. In the past, she primarily wrote for other recording artists, including a song on Rihanna’s sophomore album.

Lifting the instrumentation from The Zombies' Time Of The Season, the power off her debut single, Give It To Me Right, is instantly recognizable and immediately memorable.

Stream it below, buy it here, and then take a look at a promo vid for her upcoming ventures. Super smooth indeed!


Old Money - Scareapeutic

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The hotly anticipated album from Old Money has finally arrived. (and whoops, I'm a few days late)

Here's the link to download the entire album.

Here's the tracklist.

1. Hoodwinked
2. Gangster with an "A"
3. The Fix 1.2
4. Wahbops
5. The Willies
6. Sam Champion

And here's you loving this.


Baby, You've Got That M.A.G.I.C.

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By now, you;ve probably already watched the mini-video for The Sound of Arrows track M.A.G.I.C. that has been setting the blogworld on fire this week. Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm have created a track that will no doubt launch their immediate star status.

The duo returns on January 28 with the single, M.A.G.I.C., which is equally as impressive as their first single, Danger. Mixing synthesizers, guitars and many a hidden sample, the result is a marvellous mix of old TV shows for children, old school hip-hop, new disco and timeless pop hits.

Rather than lay the original on you, why not have a listen to a M.A.G.I.C. remix, by none other than our favorites, Cof Cof!

mp3: The Sound of Arrows - M.A.G.I.C. (Cof Cof Remix)


Introducing...Bobby J

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Bobby J makes Electro/Progessive House music from the comfortable confines of western Pennsylvania. How do I know this? He hails from a hometown near my old haunts, and his sissy is a dear friend. But enough about all that...let's get in on his music.

Bobby J just released two tracks with Metronix Recordings. The album is called Caution: May Stimulate G-Spot and was just released yesterday. Bobby J has two tracks on the album: La Fin Du Monde and Do It. Citing influences like Armin Van Buuren and Pete Tong, their impression is evident on Bobby J's output: tracks with a heavy bass and thumping score to keep you moving nonstop.

You can go on and purchase Caution: May Stimulate G-Spot here. Or you may have another track not found on the album. The choice is yours!

mp3: Bobby J - Wheres My Whip


Cool cat Nicky Digital has a great way to kick off your holiday festivities, granted you haven't already started imbibing the nog.

Read on, readers...

"I dedicate this holiday mix to Nicky Digital, as I think he's an amazing man and a fantastic photographer. You'll hear lots of feelings and I want you to get feelings of energy, and put them towards your dreams and desires. It's time to party! It's time to manifest!" - Andrew W.K.

Here's the link.

Here's the tracklisting.
1. "Andrew's Holiday Introduction" - Andrew W.K.
2. "Hello, Hello, Hello Build Up" - Andrew W.K.
3. "Santos Party House Cheer" - Santa Santos
4. "Think About Your Body" - Andrew W.K.
5. "Crazy Pimp" - Lee 'Scratch' Perry
6. "Oh, Canaduh" - The Subhumans
7. "When I'm On I'm On" - Garry Glitter
8. "Non Tradition Remix" - Bad Brilliance and Girl Talk
9. "How We Roll Back In Time Remix" - Plushgun and Andrew W.K.
10. "Tom Tit" - Aleister
11. "Change Your Mind" - Cherie Lily
12. "On Your Todd" - Aleister
13. "Quack Head" - Bad Brilliance
14. "The Git" - Aleister
15. "The Clapping Song" - Gary Glitter


Sheena Beaston's Birthday Party

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This is the post in which you get to learn a little [LITTLE] bit about your hostess with the mostess, Sheena Beaston. Ready for this nugget of info?

My birthday is January 3 [year withheld]

I am both over 21 and act like I'm under 21, and while last year's birthday party was a smashing success, I'd like to up the ante and go b-a-l-l-s out again and then some.

If anyone has any ideas of a swell place to hold a party, or if anyone wants to throw me one, well hell, either'll do just fine. But we're more than A-OK with suggestions of spots. A few stipulations:

1. Lots of BOOZE
2. Lots of MUSIC
3. Lots of DANCING
4. Lots of SWEATING
5. Lots of me MAKING a fool of myself

I am not opposed to renting out a place / room. Any bands, musicians, dj's etc...that would like to play / be involved said event, please get at me ASAP.

To get your birthday celebrational juices flowing, I give you this hot track for inspiration.

mp3: Royskopp - Happy Birthday

And yes, the 3rd is a Saturday this year, so you are all invited and more than welcome to join the party. An official invite will go out, so please send your eDetails here.


Sheena Beaston's Best Albums of 2008

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If I had any inkling that this list would be easy, you can slap me upside the head and call me an idiot. Compiling a list of my 10 favorite albums from 2008 is like asking me to pick my favorite kind of gummy candy. I can’t. They’re all good in their own distinctly flavorful way.

After finally narrowing it down to the 10 “beast” [best] albums, I had a handful that deserve Honorable Mention status. And briefly, here’s why.

HM5. Santogold / Diplo – Top Ranking
Super hot mixtape that y’all should own. Legally. ;)

HM4. Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Slug and Ant’s 6th studio album presents storytelling, songwriting, and musicality at its finest.

HM3. Britney Spears – Circus
You can’t deny the power of a good hook by Bloodshy and Avant. And ringmaster top hats.

HM2. Microfilm – The Slingshot Orchestra
Opulent electronics and grandiose minimalism. We likey.

HM1. Little Boots – Arecibo EP
So it’s not a full length, but how else would we be introduced to Stuck On Repeat and Meddle? [big wink to that]

And now on to the meat and 'taters.

Following a five-year absence since Revolutionary Vol. 2, Immortal Technique came out swinging with The 3rd World, debuting at number 99 on the Billboard 200 chart. With the standard generous helping from all of his cronies, Tech put out one of the most lyrically relevant albums of the year.

Singing in a haunting, sensual wail, Santi White adds a layer of softness to an unusual mix of synthesizers, dance hall rhythms, and percolating new wave sounds on her debut album. It’s been noted that “the collaborators and players may change, the sounds may shift, but at the center is one woman's indelible vision”. Powerful chords marry an at times voice of desperation for a young generation. Solid from start to finish.

Yes it took 3 years to finally have it released in the US, and although it was released more than 3 years prior in her native Sweden, Robyn’s self-titled album was able to transcend time. Her style and star still seems to be peaking, thanks in part to collaborations with Kleerup, Alexander Kronlund and Karin Dreijer Andersson, not to mention a few new reworks and remixes in ’08, as well as some sly verses with Snoop Dogg. The 3 year delay makes this fall lower than I’d like it to land, but so be it.

Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It is satisfying for both old school heads and today's hip music buyers: his background as a musician, singer and songwriter is steeped in a love for R&B married with a commitment to making his own brand of expressive soul music. The Way I See It has the kind of smooth musical flow associated with great records made by pioneering producers at famous R&B companies like Motown, Invictus and Brunswick. From the foot-tapping opening track, Sure Hope You Mean It, to the head-shaking reflective closer Sometimes, Raphael delivers a present day potent ode to a bygone era. Loyal Tony! Toni! Toné! fans will particularly appreciate 100 Yard Dash, which Raphael described as "a juke joint, Booker T.-type groove. I reflected back to my first T!T!T! albums when I was singing in a high tenor voice." It’s a masterful collection of new material that speaks to Raphael Saadiq's deep love for rhythm and blues.

Stainless Style is the debut album from Neon Neon, a project from Super Furry Animals front man Gruff Rhys and electronic artist Boom Bip. Designed as a full-on concept record about the wives and lives of John DeLorean, the first playboy engineer, it is a frivolous and frenetic superpop record. Need more convincing? I Lust U, featuring Cate Le Bon, is a deliriously poignant lovers’ lament, enough to give you the best kind of chills.

A late January 08 release in Lykke Li’s homeland of Sweden made the tiny lass an international sensation, well before her summer release in the States. Pairing eccentric arrangements and vocal stylings with signature dance movement, Lykke Li warmed the hearts across all genres this year. So when you see that mohawked blister sporting a lip ring and child-predator glasses rocking out to his headphones, you can feel pretty confident in guessing that he’s grooving to I’m Good, I’m Gone. It’s science.

Detroit-area born, DC-area based musician Zo! and rapper/singer Phonte of the group Little Brother joined together in 2008 for Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80's, a collection of 80's cover songs. The duo started collaborating back in 2006, starting with their take on Joe Jackson's classic Steppin Out. The full albums also contatins covers of Toto's Africa and A-ha's Take On Me, however the track to receive the most critical acclaim and fan approval is there take on Level 42’s Something About You. Quite possibly one of the top 5 most played tracks I divulged in this year. Great grooves with an intense falsetto make for a gorgeous rework.

Ladyhawke (AKA New Zealand girl Pip Brown) was raised in the 80's with a musical family and grew up listening to the likes of Stevie Nicks, Deep Purple and Joan Jett. Beginning as the drummer in a school band, Pip plays four different instruments on her debut album.Brown wrote, arranged and plays on all the songs on the album working alongside several guest producers. Magic, Another Runway, My Delirium, Morning Dreams and Dusk Till Dawn were produced with her chief collaborator, world-renowned producer Pascal Gabriel. And with a resounding YES, OH YES, we fell in love hard with the sights and sounds of Ladyhawke.

We Started Nothing is the debut album from The Ting Tings. Tipped in the top three of the BBC's Sound of 2008 poll at the beginning of the year, seemingly, the year started out with the mindest that they have much to prove. However, The Ting Tings defied that notion and simply put out an album in the hopes that they, and we, would enjoy it. Making great British pop music - their way - is what they're about. Katie White and Jules De Martino’s debut album is brimming with intuitive pop noise. It's pure garage-pop and once heard will in-bed itself into your subconscious for many days, weeks, months to come. Snappy choruses trade off against angular guitar work, whip smart drumming and a succession of loops that they create live with the use of delay pedals. One of the best albums of the past 5 years, hands down.

Some People Have Real Problems is the third studio album by Australian singer Sia. It is also the album that was released the earliest, yet stood the test of time to make it to the number one spot on my list of best albums for the year. Many of the songs on this album shimmer with a radio-friendly gloss, but the show belongs to this eccentric Aussie, who bravely subverts the accessible production through winking and sometimes sinister lyrics. Paired with vocal accompaniment by Beck on the mathematically haunting, Academia, Sia delivers a captivating, yet dark take on the joining of like souls. Late in the year, the release of Soon We’ll Be Found as a single saw Sia on the promo tour, including a stop by David Letterman, in which the footage still has the ability to make me tear up to this day. Alongside a visually obsessed knack for the strange, Sia will make you think twice about what you're seeing, but can't distract from the intoxicating soundscape she delivers.

Do you agree with this list? hate it? Love it? Let us know here!


Sheena Beaston's Best Songs of 2008

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This one was harder to compile than I initially thought. Many of the tracks I wanted to include are either demos, unreleased, or obscurities that I somehow felt would cheapen the list by including such heat with those songs that had proper releases and exposure. It will, however, make for a great list in 2009 when the songs actually do see the light of day.

That said...

...thes songs are good, really good.

10. Florence and the Machine – Kiss With a Fist
Her squiggly vocals in the acoustic beginning precede a staggering and fierce drum bumping. At 2:14 in length, it’s a little slice of perfection.

9. Menya – Ripe
It’s dirty, synthy, and frankly, these talented 21 year olds are making much better electro and hip-hop than a majority of the pros in the game right now.

8. Electric Youth – Replay (Bestrack Remix)
Having the privilege to interview hot new up-and-comers, Electric Youth, earlier this year was a treat in and of itself. And then they went and sent over the Bestrack remix to their already immaculate track, Replay.

7. The Kills – Sour Cherry
An immediate standout on their album, Midnight Boom, The Kills, er, killed it with their raw grunts and moans on this track. Makes me want a certain boom of my own.

6. Kylie Minogue – In My Arms (Chris Lake Mix)
Sure to catch flak for being somewhat a pick out of left field, you cannot tell me to stop moving to this track, no matter how hard you will me with your mind from across the subway car, madam. The breakdown starting around the 1:14 mark until it smashes in your face at 1:24 might be my favorite ten seconds in dance music this year alone.

5. Immortal Technique – Mistakes
Holy balls this song is gorgeous. Containing a sample from Bob Marley’s I Made a Mistake, you won’t hear another track spit with so much anger that brings you to the verge of tears. Beautifully executed when performed live as well.

4. Thunderheist – Suenos Dulces 2k8
Sample Eurythmics Sweet Dreams and I immediately have my doubts. Unless you hail from Canada and create a boss banger worthy of your ears and time spent sweating on the dance floor.

3. Santogold – Anne
Use the phrase “Jesus pieces” and you’ve gained yourself a guaranteed spot on this list. Santogold had bigger and broader hits from her self-titled debut, but this haunting, dark, and echo-y track remains my favorite.

2. Pnau featuring Ladyhawke – Embrace (Fred Falke and Miami Horror Remix)
Longest song title to grace this list. Also, one of the most beautifully constructed arrangements we’ve heard, hell, even in the past 3 years, let alone solely in 2008. It’s demure enough in the opening to transport you to a nifty cocktail lounge and then heftier kicks and beats abound, transforming the track into a guaranteed dance floor filler.

1. Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat
She's been lauded and applauded by NME and The Guardian and without a doubt, is destined for greatness in the new year, but 2008 saw the emergence of Little Boots as a pop dynamo, short on stature but big on hooks. I first heard the track Stuck on Repeat back in February of this year, and instantly knew it would be played, well, repetitiously. It's a perfect blend of soft vocals with a thumping bass and tons of electronic acoutrements. Many a blogger/writer praised the subsequent remixes as eclipsing the original, and while they are equally special, nothing will match my love, admiration and utter obsession with this track. Victoria Hesketh has outdone her own genius on this one.

And with that, I don't want to think about best individual songs for the rest of the year. This one hurts the head, but soothes the soul.


Sheena Beaston's Best Most Hated of 2008

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I don't like hating. You will be hard pressed to find a bad review written on this site. I figure, why waste time ripping someone a new one, when that time can be spent hooking up someone with exponentially more talent.

That said...

...let's take a brief look at the 10 things that was irkin' our gherkin all the year through.

10. Coldplay
I hate you.

9. Miley Cyrus' Face and Lack of Musical Integrity
I hate you.

8. Dave Matthews
Not sure that you really did anything of note in 2008, but I still hate you.

7. Common's Universal Mind Control
I hate you.

6. MGMT's Live Show
I hate you.

5. DMCA Taking Down Legit Posts
I hate you.

4. Madonna's Face on the Britney Spears Documentary
I hate you.

3. Fall Out Boy
I hate you.

2. Kanye West
I hate [to love] you.

1. Vampire Weekend

And that's it pups. Let's get super cheery now...on to the next list.


To kick off our year end fiesta, this first list is dedicated to a more general “best of”, so no doubt, there will be individual tracks, albums, new artists, concerts, etc. Anyone who constructs such lists must empathize with the plight and time it takes to devote to making sure these compilations accurately depicts who we are as a [loosely] music journalist.

Without further ado…Sheena Beaston’s General Store Best of 2008

10. Designer Drugs
This is the American electronic music duo consisting of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. The group is most commonly known for their remixes, but in October 2008 released their debut single Zombies. Their remixes of Little Boots’ Meddle, Hail Social’s Heaven and Jupiter One’s Countdown rank amongst the best reworked tracks we heard all year.

9. He Say, She Say – Crash Dummie
The Chicago duo created one of my most played tracks of the year. It's grimy and ripe alll at the same time. Add hand claps and a chunked out under tone and I'm in love.

8. GoldieLocks Bear Safe EP
This was a late addition to the year’s releases (December 8, 2008), but the EP proves the Croydon impresario’s natural talent for creating bangers. Her refix of N.E.R.D.'s Provider is indubitably a must own / play over and over again.

7. The Section Quartet, Muse and Gossip Girl
In Season 2, Episode 6, titled New Haven Can Wait, a familiar tune orchestrated its way into our ears. Enter Muse’s Time is Running Out, as covered by The Section Quartet, a stringed foursome specializing in turning popular rock songs into classical quartet pieces. Bone chilling.

6. The Ting Tings – Blender Theater, December 9, 2008
It’s impossible to deny the infectious blend of pop and rock that this duo creates. Having only once seen them prior (at McCarren Pool…ugh), the much more intimately sweaty setting at the Blender Theater provided an opportunity to be up front, super close, and way personal with the band. The set was, in essence, a live performance of their entire album, We Started Nothing. Oh, they started something this year alright.

5. Robyn
I struggled with placing my favorite Swedish dynamo this high, let alone even on the list, seeing as how mentioning her as a “best of in 2008” does hers somewhat of a disservice. Everything you’ve heard from Robyn this year was originally done in 2005 (what!) but only really caught fire at the beginning of this year here in the States. I can’t deny her incredible knack for creating relevant and timely pop classics, and her live shows are nothing short of an amazingly gorgeous time. We saw her twice, bought her album once, and will love her forever.

4. The New Kids in School
We were educated on many a new addition to our musical obsessions this year. A quick rundown.

a. Santogold: she doesn’t get her own spot on the overall list, but you can’t tell me [or her] what to do; unquestionably one of the best albums of the year.

b. Immuzikation: highly talented blender of all the songs you want to hear, in one tidy package.

c. Cof Cof: super cute and talented electropop duo from Spain.

d. Thunderheist: male/female collaboration from Canada that promises to make you Jerk It.

e. Purple Crush: yes, yes, yes and more please.

f. And just because…the newly [in]sane Britney: she’s cleaned up but still has the crazy in her eyes; and we still have yet to stop listening to Circus.

3. Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found (live on David Letterman)
I have yet to make it through this entire performance without choking up. EVERYTHING about it is pure perfection: from the colored hands against a black dress, the band in all white, the arrangement, the Barbara Walters’ filter, and the raspy high notes towards the end of the song. Truly magical.

2. You, the Readers
Sappy time. In all sincerity, without each and every one of you devoted readers, I am nothing. Which begs the question asked most. Who is Sheena Beaston and why does she write as “we”? Honestly, I am but one Beast, striving to make a small name for myself, and sometimes in my conversational style of writing, “we” sounds better than “I” because I don’t like to be selfish…I share all my thoughts, feelings, musings, etc…with you, the reader. It truly is “the royal we”. And I could not thank you all more than enough.

1. The Letter L
Excuse me? Let me break it down. 2008 saw a huge influx of new artists and talents, who by some mysterious synchronization, all have names/projects beginning with the letter L. And it just so happens that these outfits happen to either be many of my most favorites, or old friends returning with new music, from a year blessed with their presence.

a. Little Boots: simply search the archives and you'll find a world of Boots that we cannot quit.

b. Ladyhawke: Pip Brown created the album we wish we knew how to make.

c. Lykke Li: Everybody But Me is still at the top of our playlist, along with every other song on Youth Novels.

d. Ladytron: Velocifero was solid, and their show at Terminal 5 was even better.

e. La Roux: quirky and spunky, 2009 will no doubt see her explode.

f. Lady GaGa: creator of pop that will "never be low-brow", she's the guiltiest of our pleasures.

g. lele[SPEAKS]: grime done right in the form of a tiny blonde female.

In the biggest nutshell ever, it’s been a great, random and most impressive year. Stay tuned for more lists to roll out in the next few days. And again thank you for your continued support of the site. “WE” could not do it without “you”.


Do you like to get high during the holidays? We dare you to candy-flip at your family holiday party, do a gravity bong out of the toilet, and blow Vicks in your aunt's face.

Then play this song...and feel the spirit.

We love Designer Drugs and all things associated with them. And here, they tide some gladness upon us in the form of a Christmas tune. Just be prepared to have visions of sugar plums warped in your head.

mp3: Designer Drugs - X-Mas Fun Time


The BPA New Video Contest

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We must REALLY hate the Brighton Port Authority. We don't ever post about the project, we don't promote their contests and we haven't listened to the full album way before you have.

And if you think any of that is the Beast being lord. It couldn't drip with a thicker sauce of sarcasm.

Now, in all honesty...we do LOVE everything BPA-centric. And lo and behold, they've a new contest. Remember that Toe Jam remix affair? Who entered? I would if I had remix skills. Now, they've gone live with a video competition. Read on:

Create your own video for "Toe Jam" from The BPA's upcoming album I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat and enter your remix for a chance to win!

1. Download "Toe Jam" here
2. Once downloaded, create your own video for "Toe Jam".
3. Add your video to this group (all submissions will be reviewed prior to appearing live on the group page).
4. To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by February 1, 2009. Please review the contest rules, terms and conditions prior to participating in this contest. No purchase necessary

1. Your video featured on The BPA's channel
2. A Pure Digital Technologies Ultra Series Flip Video F260N, 60 Minute Mini Camcorder with USB Connector
3. a prize pack from The BPA, including the entire Fatboy Slim catalog on vinyl!

Whilst I do not have the dj/remix/audio skil set, y'all best be on your, ahem, "toes" when it comes to video editing, cause I'm just sayin' I MAY OR MAY NOT be an awesome editor, having once created a music video filmed on my camera phone in :15 second intervals.

Get shooting!

Need inspiration? Check the archives for BPA Toe Jam goodness, or give an ear to another track, featuring the best body in rock, Iggy Pop.

mp3: The BPA - He's Frank (Slight Return)


Apparently, Little Boots is scheduled to play good ol' Studio B on February 6th of the rapidly approaching new year.

And, apparently, I've also wet myself out of sheer excitement.

No other details are available yet, but Brooklyn Vegan's got the word. And the word is fucking good.

Let's watch one of the many reasons we've fallen madly in love with Caligula and her sound.

mp3: Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood remix)


If You're Cold, Put Some Winter Gloves On

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But not the furry, mitteny, leathery varities. We're talking music here people. Winter Gloves were recently named Best New Artist of 2008 by iTunes Canada andf the foursome are ready to descend upon the US with their keyboard-heavy, rhythmically-propulsive pop compositions.

The quartet, who endearingly dub themselves “glock-rock” for their use of the oft-ignored glockenspiel, began as the solo project of Charles F. (lead singer/songwriter/wurlitzer). Charles created the early Winter Gloves recordings that make up the Let Me Drive EP in his own home using a single microphone.

The title track off the EP is one you'll want to hear more than once, so get to getting! Plus, Winter Gloves have done a cover of LCD Soundsytem's Someone Great, which is equally on par to listen to again and again.

mp3: Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive
mp3: Winter Gloves - Someone Great (LCD Soundsytem cover)


Holidazed, but Not So Much Confused

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There's been many a new holiday tune chucked our way lately. But, if we only had to pick 3 (at least for purposes of this post only), these would be the ones we'd tell you to jingle your balls too.

For the cutesy, if not, indie-liciously glad tidings. Figgy pudding not included.
mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want For Christmas

It's cold out and I need a crisp reminder to wear my scarf.
mp3: Microfilm - There's No Snow Here (for Christmas)

Because Germans need cheer too...
mp3: Wedding Present and Klee - Holly Jolly Hollywood

And if you don't know what that image is from, you are a Mooninite.


And The Who's Biggest Banger to Date is...

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...not Pinball Wizard. Although if I catch anyone cutting up a mean rug to the tune, well then, a hearty pat on the back to you.

Illuminoids are back with a hefty, chunky, solid mass of dancefloor extravaganza in the form of their remix of the classic The Who tune, Baba O'Riley.

Take it away Roger...and you genius dj's you.

mp3: The Who - Baba O'Riley (The Illuminoids Remix)


Cherrytree Records are promoting exclusive content for their artists with a series of teaser vids to pump us up for content recorded live as the musicians drop into their offices.

Those "saying hello, playing some songs and just plain kicking it" will include: Feist, Robyn, Noah and the Whale, Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel, Space Cowboy, The Police, Rooney, Flipsyde, The Feeling, The Fratellis, and Lindi Ortega.


Enjoy this teaser for Feist's performance.

The full Cherrytree House episodes will be live, stripped-down acoustic and completely intimate sessions. All content will be hosted on the Cherrytree Records site which will be relaunched at the beginning of the year.

Noah and The Whale teaser
Tokio Hotel teaser
The Fratellis teaser

Teasers for the Robyn and Lady GaGa epsiodes coming soon!


As briefly mentioned in the below post, today/tonight is going to be awesome.

I've raved about the efforts spewn forth by Harlem rapper Immortal Technique before. But tonight, for the first time ever, I'll actually be in attendance at one of his shows.

He doesn't tend to play his home city too often, so it's a real treat to be headed there. Plus he's my brother's favorite, and I'm taking him as an early Christmas present. Ain't I the greatest?

If anyone is attending the show at S.O.B.'s tonight, please email me here, meet me, and I'll buy YOU a drink.

Sample some of his best words below.


Marina and the Diamonds Update

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Holy holy! We literally obsessed over Marina and the Diamonds early this past fall. And now, there's great news on the MatD front.

Neon Gold Records has some exclusive goodies for you to watch, listen to, and read. Some excerpts below.

- Marina's debut single will at be released via Neon Gold this coming Valentine's Day
- The single, Obsession, sports new production from Liam Howe...elevating the demo previously heard
- NGR is currently hosting a free download of Obsession
- You can watch the gorgeous video below
- The proper release will have remixes from both Giantess and, wait for it, LITTLE BOOTS!

This news simply could not have made this day any better. Next post 'splains why.


Shake It, or I'll Take You Hostage

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Nightshifters is proud to present the debut release by Edinburgh, Scotland’s No.1 raver master - Hostage! Alan Parley has been around for a bunch of years, starting with Hardcore and Techno, but finding his true home in bass-heavy club music. He’s been a darling of the electro blog scene for years and has racked up some serious mileage already, now he’s ready for the prime time.

Shake It is the tour-de-force that you’ve been looking for this year, four prime-time club bangers: Leathered, Roll On, The Slave, and Shake It. Hostage proves he’ll get the kids to stage dive in no time; glow sticks will be pumped, confetti thrown, fireworks exploded. Hostage is here and you better get ready.

The Shake It Ep by Hostage has been available via Beatport for a few weeks now, but this AC Slater remix hasn't been shared anywhere yet, and it's completely free and legal to boot!

Go buy the EP here.

mp3: Hostage - Shake It (AC Slater Remix)


S-O-V already gave us her new single, I Got You Dancing, for freebies. Now, we've got the accompanying video we are proud to share with you.

LOVING the "Warriors" themed treatment. Work those tinsel shades, oight!


WZRDZ Are Magical (Get It?)

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If you're regulars to the site, then you know of the huge obsession we developed earlier this year for Purple Crush. And you'd also know that under their own label, Crushed Records, they are developing the hottest new talent.

Now, they are releasing an artist called WZRDZ on Crushed Records label. It's a collaboration of one of the guys from meterhead and mike genius....a sort of eastcoast meets westcoast of electro.

Listen in:
Lore has it that two WZRDZ exist, one in the East and one in the West. The eastern one lay deep with the knowledge of synths and stabs, while the western one forged samples heavy as though a master hammer smith. Their scrolls proclaim alliances amonst the tribes known as iheartcomix, Meterhead, Purple Crush, and Afrodesiac Soundsystem. Through struggle and triumph, through uploading and sequencing, brothers they came to be. By the portal known as Crushed Records, their ancient knowledge shall be revealed. .....WZRDZ.

We are MORE than thrilled to give you this promo video as well as the WZRDZ remix of a Nirvana song you all well know and love.

Yeah, I can't say enough positive things about Purple Crush and their respective babies they are putting out for us. Hand claps and finger snaps all the way around.

mp3: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (WZRDZ remix)


Born in 1999 and raised in the jungles of the New York Cityscene, The Mystic Underground are a combination of the introspective bedsit dramas written and played out by singer-lyricist, Vladimir Valette and the frentic backdrops conjured up by synthesizer mastermind, Benedetto Socci.

Earlier today, I received a pleasant message from The Mystic Underground member Vladimir asking if I welcomed submissions. With open arms, we do! He sent over 2 tracks of which I instantly fell head over in heels in love with. (see folks, it's that simple...hit me up, send me your stuff, get posted here!)

Their album, It Really Shouldn't Be This Hard, was released back on October 21, 2008. From tracks we've heard, it's a great mix of electropop, rock and completely danceable music. Approved on our behalf! Vlad's vocals soar, channeling a, Andy Bell-esque stature, which is an A+ in our book.

I'm completely enamored with the track Where Have All The Club Kids Gone, and no doubt, you're going to enjoy it too.

The Mystic Underground - Where Have All The Club Kids Gone

Check out more tunes from The Mystic Underground here and then go buy their wares via this link.


/thisisme SCREAMING

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Hate you Blogger*. Jessica's, Ronnie's and Jeff's year end posts have been deleted.

In the process of getting them back. And we were doing so good for a while! You'll probably see more streams than not here unless, by some Christmas miracle, the blog grinch gets off our back.

*that was the last straw. be on the lookout for when we switch to a different host / vanity url / all that good stuff.


And the Latest Vocoder Victim Is...

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We always have and for the most part, always will love Ruff Ryder's first lady, Eve. No matter how many blonde shoulder length wigs she rocks, in our eyes, she's still the rough and tough chick with bear paw tats on her tots.

She's got a new song, a new sound, and god knows what new style.

Have a listen to Set it on Fire below. I'd lie if I said I didn't just listen to it 5+ times in a row. And I may or may not have already choreographed some slick ass dance moves to it. Just puttin' it out there...y'know. Food for thought.

mp3: Eve - Set it on Fire


Antony and the Johnsons have revealed the cover art for the forthcoming full-length, The Crying Light. Following a natural progression from the Another World EP, the album art features a 1977 portrait of renowned Butoh dancer, Kazuo Ohno, taken by Naoya Ikegami in Tokyo. Ohno is shown reaching towards light, his striking visage and reclined posture echoing elements of cradle and the grave. Life, death, and transcendence are effectively invoked in one image.

Antony says:
"My new album The Crying Light is dedicated to the great dancer Kazuo Ohno. In performance I watched him cast a circle of light upon the stage, and step into that circle, and reveal the dreams and reveries of his heart. He seemed to dance in the eye of something mysterious and creative; with every gesture he embodied the child and the feminine divine. He's kind of like my art parent."

The Crying Light will be released on Secretly Canadian on January 20th followed by a series of US and European tour dates (dates below a freebie).

mp3: Antony and the Johnsons - Another World

02/02: Glenside, PA @ Keswick Theatre
02/03: Washington, DC @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
02/04: Columbus, OH @ Southern Theatre
02/07: Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
02/08: Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
02/12: Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
02/13: Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theater
02/14: Minneapolis, MN @ Pantages Theatre
02/17: Toronto, ON @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
02/19: New York, NY @ Town Hall
02/20: New York, NY @ Town Hall
02/22: Boston, MA @ Berklee Performance Center
02/24: San Francisco, CA @ Nob Hill Masonic Center
02/27: Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre
02/28: Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre

European dates coming soon!


Little Boots has an early Xmas present for you! Read on to see what our darling Victoria has to say.

Here is a mix I did called Automatic Lovers Mixtape which is kind of inspired by the tour, I'll post the tracklisting up somewhere later or see if you can guess for now, click here to download hope you enjoy it! You can also listen to an Automatic Lovers themed minimix I did for Annie Mac on her Radio 1 Mash Up show last week over on my blog.

Yeah, that'll do just nicely. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We haven't! But here's a suggestion. Go cop Little Boots' Arecibo EP here for the electro lover in your family.

mp3: Little Boots - Automatic Lovers Mixtape

And now, please enjoy Boots' serenading you...all festive style. Wham!


thecocknbullkid Gets Her Demo On

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I'd like to know why more hasn't been made about thecocknbullkid. Honestly, I would. Anita Blay is a force to be reckoned with and judging from her demos, 2009 is going to bestow greatness upon the masses.

Raves have already been spewn forth on her debut single, On My Own. And that's where the entire blogworld seemingly shit the bed on all things cocknbull.

So here I type, gallantly swooping in with a stream of what is quite possibly the greatest unfinished track I've heard all year. Black is still labeled as a demo, and well, that's all I really know about it. The crazies on the subway must've thought I was nuts tonight, seeing as how I couldn't stop spasmastically grooving when this randomly came on after not listening to it for a few months.

Now it's your turn. It's filthy good!


After being featured on the most recent Apple iTouch commercial with the head-bopping, toe tapping, fun-inducing Around the Bend, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour brought their energy to New York City, and we loved every minute of it!

Already being placed on/in Gossip Girl, Anthem, NYLON, GOOD, AOL and Yahoo! Music, while RCRDLBL premiered an exclusive MP3. Whitney Matheson will be including Around the Bend in her POP CANDY podcast for USA TODAY, and Rolling Stone and URB will be including them in future issues!

Missed them live in action? They will be back in early 2009 in promotion of their full-length release.

Check out the Thomas Gold Remix of The Sun Ain't Shining No More. It's like, uh, exclusively free. And AWESOME.

mp3: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Sun Ain't Shining No More (Thomas Gold Remix)


Let's Book It!

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Have you joined our Facebook group yet?

Simply click on this lovely image to transport you to a world of wonder*.

We're shameless like that.

*Daily emails with exclusive albums, tracks, and general nonsense regularly occur. Just sayin'.


Britney Spears - Womanizer (T-321 Remix)

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We completely hearted the T-321 remix of Love Lockdown, but our post was one of the few mysteriously deleted by our wonderful hosts, Blogger.

Thankfully, we've got a new remix straight from the mastermind behind the er, masterpiece. Masterful.

The T-321 remix of Britney Spears' Womanizer is enough to make you forget how sick of the original you were. This edit freshens it up, adds some heavy beats and vocal flares. Dazzling!

mp3: Britney Spears - Womanizer (T-Minus 321 Remix)

(One day we'll stop posting about Britney. One day...)


Allison has been a true supporter of Sheena Beaston in every sense of the word. But who is this mysterious lady? Well, chances are you've either heard or seen her. How? Read on.

Allison is a lifestyle artist, meaning she hosts, does voiceovers, rocks out with all the cool bands and rubs shoulders with top shoe designers. Credits include voiceover work for A Double Shot at Love, The Bad Girls Club, and The Real World. She hosts Steve Madden Music events, is the music spokesperson for Amp’d Mobile, and currently, Allison serves as on-camera host for Playboy Mobile. And that just barely scratches the surface. Whew!

Even while living this whirlwind life, Allison took the time to get us her 2008 listees. Cue voiceover, and action!

1. Best Album of 2008
Kings of Leon Only By The Night

2. Favorite Single of 2008
Kings of Leon Sex on Fire
Britney Spears Womanizer
Coldplay Viva La Vida
Katy Perry I Kissed a Girl

3. Guiltiest Pleasure of 2008
Guilty as charged - I love Katy Perry...and Metro Station, although that was really 2007.

4. Best New Artist of 2008
The Fashion

5. I Hated ____ in 2008
And continue to hate (present tense) Miley Cyrus

Hey, how about The Fashion? Great choice! Know 'em? Love 'em? You will now. Hat tip to Allison for helping beef up the site today!

mp3: The Fashion - Like Knives (Daniel Dexter Remix)


On more than one occasion (and probably upwards of 10) I've had the same conversation re: Britney Spears' bonus track Trouble sounding exactly like the beat from Madonna's Get Together.

Now, complete with audial evidence, the two sound even more alarmingly similar. But it's still a nice mash. Approved!

mp3: Britney Spears vs Madonna - Trouble vs Get Together

* not sure where this came from, or who put it together, but kudos to whomever did.