The past 3 months of this beastly year have undoubtedly been overtaken by Sleigh Bells and their fistful of demos. From engaging live performances to gaining support from top music critics and bloggers alike, this Brooklyn duo is set to make 2010 their own!

Another BK-badass, is our buddy, Jane Bang. Known for her signaturely-suggestive lyrics and eccentrically arranged mix of hip-hop and electro, she's hit us up with a number of repeatable tracks and mixes over the course of the past two years.

Now, Bang has tackled a fix of one of the most exciting demos from Sleigh Bells. Crown on the Ground is a magical mess of guitars and thumping beats, with almost indistinguishable lyrical content. But it works oh so well! So that's why we're so pumped that Jane stuck true to the original mix, and instead, simply opted to throw in some added vocals and an ending verse which gives the song just a dose more cred.

The remix is yours for free below!

mp3: Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground (Jane Bang Remix)