Last week, I unveiled the top 25 most beastly albums of the year, and coming in at #12 was Vitalic's Flashmob. Now, we're treated to an in-depth look at the making of the smoky imagery used as the cover art.

If you thought the album cover was just some puffs of smoke and an exercise in Photoshop, you'd e wrong.

This video illustrates how the Flashmob album cover was made. It is an oniric and contemplative journey of a man recreating the 19th century experience of Etienne-Jules Marey on fluid dynamics. Smoke lines represent the notion of stability, the triangle goes for the disturbance and incidentally for the V of Vitalic. The concept of a flashmob is illustrated here as a result of an intruder perturbating a stable environment.

Watch the video now.

Directed by //DIY & Brillantine with DP by ART10. Video is in memoriam of Etienne-Jules Marey (1830 - 1904)

mp3: Vitalic - One Above One