Finally back to somewhat of a normalcy* schedulings of posts now that I'm back in the city, and what a way to kick things off post-holiday...with a CJ Milli mix! If you recall, this rad gal made one of our BE[a]ST of 2009 lists, and we're dead set on the fact that we're going to keep on digging her stuff in the upcoming year.

I love that she's able to take a track not so high up on the Beast-approved set [read=Drake] and make it a staple of my "New Radness" playlists. Give it a go below!

Samples used:
Nadastrom - Save Us
Cajmere - Horny Horny (Me So Horny Mix)
Tinny - Zingolo (Doorly Remix)
Drake - Best I Ever Had Drake Best I Ever Had (Grandtheft Remix)

mp3: Drake vs Nadastrom - Best I Ever Had (CJ Milli Remix)

* Pics and words might be used sparingly, cause you know, there's that whole "prepping the new site layout" thing we talked about earlier this past week that's keeping me way busy. That said, all content, as always, is still the most rad.