Long story short...I love everything Alan Wilkis touches, so getting emails from him always brightens up a beastly day. He takes the tunes I care not to listen to, and reworks them with a lovely disco finesse that turns said tracks into some of my most listened to jams.

And so goes the case with his latest. Wilkis, along with San Francisco's Pance Party, was tapped by Chester French as part of a special holiday exclusive. The package takes their meh-kay song, C'mon, and delivers a post-Xmas punch to the gut!

Grab Alan's slick lil' stocking stuffer now.

mp3: Chester French - C'mon (Alan Wilkis Remix)

BONUS! Grab the other two included in the gift for free now.

mp3: Chester French - C'mon (Pance Party Remix)
mp3: Chester French - C'mon (Radio Rock Mix)