Qu'avez-vous dit? Yep, I might as well be speaking French with that post title. Well, here's the deal. Going back through my archives, I've realized there's a handful of artists/dj's/producers who I post tracks from, but never really talk about. Today, we're highlighting three of them.

If you haven't figured out who exactly I'm talking about, it's So Shifty, Gentlemen Thieves, and She Is Danger. Let's roll.

So Shifty come from Hamburg, Germany. They are unsigned and frankly (Frankfurt-ly? ha!), that's a shame. They produced one of my most favorite remixes of the year when they took Major Lazer's Keep It Goin' Louder and made it a tropically calypso ska ditty that simply made us swoon.

Grab 2 more remixes from the dudes and get to dancing!

mp3: The Very Best - Warm Heart Of Africa (So Shifty Remix)
mp3: R. Kelly and Keri Hilson - Number One (So Shifty Remix)

Up next is New York City's own, Gentlemen Thieves. Another of the Beaston fave mixes of 2009 came courtesy of these 3 kids. Their take on Kiss In Cities' UR My Girl is easy and smooth, with piano and hand claps to die for. Their fix of a Monsieur Adi track, as well as an original jawn, can be all yours, by clicking the below links.

mp3: Monsieur Adi - We Are The Romans (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)
mp3: Gentlemen Thieves - Contrapasso

Last up, is London's dynamic dame duo, She Is Danger. Maya Jane and Lena first made waves with their remix of Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets, yet the pair aren't restricted to mixing. Their orignal tracks are solid slices of electronic dub. Get a mix and a cover now, then start to smile.

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (She Is Danger Remix)
mp3: She Is Danger - Who's That Girl (Eurythmics Cover)