Is Missy Elliott's Block Party ever really going to come out? If the leak of her new jawn with Lil Wayne, All 4 U, is any indication, then yes it is. The latest reports state it could be out as early as January 2010. Unlikely since there's no offical cover art, promotional push, or confirmed track list, but at least there's hope!

I recall way back in June of 2008, I made known that Missy's 7th studio album would be released on August 26 of that year. What bollocks! Regardless, if all the time she's been taking to "get it right" is worth it, I won't complain.

So yep, there's that Wayne collab which is floating around...go grab it if you feel the urge. Me? I'm more impressed with the final version* of Put It On Ya, which I grossly overlooked in the depths of my inbox from mid-October. Silly beast...

mp3: Missy Elliott (featuring Teyana Taylor) - Put It On Ya

* I previously featured a snippet of this in demo format. The final track is much better.