Holy dark and disco delight! Ever since (finally!) catching Jessica 6 live earlier this fall, when they opened for Amanda Blank and Peaches, I've been on a ravenous rampage to gooble up as much music as I can from the spookily-mesmerizing trio.

Upon first listen of Jessica 6's lead single, Fun Girl, first hit us back in mid-summer, we knew this troupe was one to keep on our beastly radar. With the release of the Fun Girl EP in September, they cemented my constant curiousity and intrigue surrounding them.

Yesterday, Jessica 6 debuted the video for the song, and it's just as sexy, sultry and swoon-worthy as the song itself. Give it a go now!

Catch your breath, then grab some freebies below!

Buy all the Jessica 6 Fun Girl remixes over at Beatport. Suggested listening: the Whatever, Whatever Remix. Amazing!

mp3: Jessica 6 - Fun Girl (Byzar Remix)
mp3: Jessica 6 - Fun Girl