Yes, that is the actual full title of the release. From here on out, we'll simply refer to it as The Flaming Lips' Dark Side for spacial purposing...we like neat and tidy things.

So how do the fearless freaks from Oklahoma City intend to tackle one fo the most famous concept albums in music history? By summoning majestic rock power with typical mind-scrambling weirdness and assistance from Henry Rollins and Peaches.

Below is the track list, and after that, the link to buy the album.

1. Speak To Me / Breathe (featuring Henry Rollins and Peaches)
2. On The Run (featuring Henry Rollins)
3. Time / “Breathe Reprise”
4. The Great Gig In The Sky (featuring Peaches and Henry Rollins)
5. Money (featuring Henry Rollins)
6. Us And Them (featuring Henry Rollins)
7. Any Colour You Like
8. Brain Damage (featuring Henry Rollins)
9. Eclipse (featuring Henry Rollins)

The album is available as an iTunes exclusive only through December 28, so hurry up and get it here!

mp3: Peaches vs The Flaming Lips vs Gary Glitter - I Didn’t Know The Lips Wanna Be Her (DJ Paul V Mash)