More to be loved and lots to be lauded
Although there's not one category allotted
For everything rad in this world of mine
We'll simply give you the...

So many super-duper tracks, concerts, people and places effected this beast in the past 12 months. The below list details all those "radlets" that don't particularly fall into one of the previous album or song rundowns from earlier this week. So we call these randoms. And they are awesome.

Tiesto and His Ladies
mp3: Tiesto (featuring Emily Haines) - Knock You Out (Boko Remix)

With the release of Tiesto's album, Kaleidoscope, we were given a new listening experience, courtesy of the Dutch DJ/producer. Female vocalists...and great ones, at that. The release, as a whole, was ok, but standout tracks featuring Tegan and Sara, Nelly Furtado and Emily Haines quickly jumped to the top of my "most played" list.

mp3: Jack Splash (featuring Missy Elliott and Jazmine Sullivan) - I Could Have Loved You (BURNS Remix)

Beginning with Theophilus London's This Charming Mixtape back in January, through monthly additions from The Hood Internet, Bufffetlibre DJs and Lupe Fiasco, some of our favorite songs came courtesy of these freebies. One in particular got us all funked up...Jack Splash's Heir to the Throne: Volume 1 contains the grooviest of goodness, and while his teaser track with Missy Elliott and Jazmine Sullivan failed to make the final cut, I Could Have Loved You was among our most repeated plays.

Redlight Remixes
mp3: Beyonce - Control (Redlight Remix)

With a funkily-repeated bass and synth line, Redlight grabbed my attention within the first 3 seconds of his mix of Beyonce's Control. The hits just kept coming, as he tackled Ladyhawke, Junior Senior, Kid Sister and Kings of Convenience. Most recently, his fix of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi has sent me into a proverbial state of dancing freneticism. This kid is legit.

Disco Dreamwave Dudes
mp3: Visitor - Los Feeling (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

This umbrellic list spot contains all those boys who make the girls go weak in the knees with their tunes drenched and dripping in a wash of the yummiest disco influences. You may recognize them...they're the kids we probably wrote most about. Diamond Cut, Flashmen, Visitor, The Sound of Arrows and Fear Of Tigers. Excuse me while I go collect myself.

mp3: Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone (Viking and CJ Milli Shooting Stars Tribute)

Yes, like the state. From Chesapeake to Richmond, three of our most loved finds and favorites of the year come from the 10th territory of our grand land: KiD A, CJ Milli and Viking. From eclectic electropop, mashes and mixes to dance floor destroyers, these kids kept the beastly booty bouncing all year long. "Sic semper tyrannis" indeed.

The Fame Monster
mp3: Lady Gaga - Teeth (King5kat Remix)

No list seems to be complete without the inclusion of Lady Gaga, and I'll readily admit my admiration for the gal's pop-producing panache. With the release of The Fame Monster last month, Gaga turned disbelievers into diehard fans and further proved that the Lady is no tramp. Now, vamp and camp, on the other hand, is always present, and we love it. Sidenote: the track, Monster, was my most played song this year. You don't even want to guess how many times I spun it. Outrageous.

mp3: Andy Milonakis - Let Me Twitter Dat (Rusko Remix)

Yes, the social networking tool deserves it's own list spot. Never before have I felt more of a connection with fans and friends, all via 140 character messages. While we've been twittering since early last year, 2009 saw a boom of beastly use...for both personal and professional purpose. We've held contests, talked shop with PR kids and artists directly...and we've chatted with nearly all of you. 23,426 tweets and counting!

Theophilus London
mp3: The Very Best - Warm Heart Of Africa (Theophilus London Remix)

The Brooklyn boy kicked the year off with a bang. As mentioned above, This Charming Mixtape was, and still is, a constant source of enjoyment. Listen to Grey X Sage if you haven't's brilliant. London proved to be the "jack of all trades" over the course of these 12 months. From his solo work, to producing with Mark Ronson and Sam Sparro, you couldn't turn a corner without running into the gifted gent. Theophilus is a dynamic live performer, and you don't want to miss his quirky dance moves. Ultimately, the most gnarly dude of the year.

Juliette Lewis Interview
mp3: Juliette Lewis - Sticky Honey (Endo DandB Remix)

What do you say when presented with the opportunity to interview one of your idols? First you cry, then quickly compose yourself, for there's work to be done! In September, Juliette Lewis played a show at New York City's Fillmore, but not before I had the utmost pleasure of chatting with the dynamic actress turned rock star. This goes down as the second be[a]st experience of the year...and definitely a highlight of my entire life. Big smiles.

Everything's Coming Up Peaches
mp3: Peaches - I Feel Cream (Blogula Remix)

You may have read a little, no A LOT, about Peaches here over the past calendar year. First, we had the most fun [read: sweatiest and amazing] night at Tribeca Grand when she DJ'd in April. May saw the release of I Feel Cream, her 5th studio album. Three NYC tour dates, and we were there for all of them. November 14, 2009 was the highlight of the year though. Getting to interview the electroclash icon, and one of our most favorite artists ever, was one of those experiences we still can't believe happened, but sure are happy did. In a word? BEASTLY.

Later today, time permitting, I'll drop my BE[a]ST Breakouts for 2010 list. As always, keep it rad!